The Yellow Connection


    Four years ago, I was sitting in the audience at Bobbie Horowitz's debut of Broadway tunes. A lovely woman asked if she could sit in the seat next to me. I said, "Sure, please sit down!" I was so taken by her powerfully bright and wonderful yellow scarf, and it opened up a conversation.

    After I introduced myself and what I do as a Color Coach, I told her about the color theory behind yellow. She was fascinated to hear what her yellow scarf represented. She introduced herself and told me that she was from Alaska. I was so excited as I have never met anyone from Alaska before. A connection was formed instantly. Over the years, she has come to visit me a few times in New York. We share a warm bond as we're both artists and love connecting over our crafts.

    She recently came to stay with me again this past week. I was so excited to see her and I greeted her as my "Yellow Connection". She is optimistic, warm, and radiates sunlight - she is the embodiment of yellow! She handed me the most beautiful, hand-dyed rainbow scarf. The colors are so vivid that you can feel the emotions as soon as you set your eyes on it. Such a beautiful gift made me feel connected, loved, and cherished. It is now my new favorite scarf.

    I truly value our friendship and the connection that was formed through color. It's so nice to know people from all parts of the world. 


    Do you have friends that you share a color connection with?




    Always, Always Believe

         Eight years ago I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Columbia's Teacher's College. I left with very little understanding on how to grow clientele and spread my message. I never realized how much marketing is involved in conveying your practice. My initial brand was "Get in The Mood with Super Foods", it dealt with how foods affect your well being and your energy. I then began to promote my practice, as “I adore me". It focused on adoring yourself from the inside out. I feel very proud of the program I did with Citizen Schools, as it influenced the lives of many kids, but it was still hard to get adults to say the words "I adore me". This inspired "Betsy Karp, The Color Coach". Color is my passion, it is what drives and inspires me. It has a direct correlation to our emotions, our moods, our feelings, and our energy. I wanted to share my color consciousness with others to uplift their spirits and inspire their lives in new, colorful ways.

         This is all a very big process, and it takes energy, motivation, persistence, and most of all, courage. It takes courage to believe in yourself and put yourself in the world. There were many times where I just wanted to give up but I’m glad I didn’t, because I keep learning and growing from myself and others.

         I was invited back to Eileen Fisher’s corporate offices this past week to work one-on-one with their employees. I felt honored, as this was the third time I was asked to come back. I left there feeling connected and inspired by the way color consciousness was able to aid the men and women I worked with. As she was leaving, one of the clients said to me, “Betsy I realized something working with you today about my own inner confidence, and I want to thank you for helping me see something about myself that I didn’t see before.” It was a great day all around for them, and for me. It goes to show even though developing your own brand is a lot of work, it’s also very rewarding.



    Club Soda

         I was recently sent a post from the website The Numinous promoting their event called Club Soda. This event focused on what they called "sober flirting and sober confidence". Everything happens in divine order, as I had made a decision just weeks earlier to limit my intake of alcohol. I was beginning to see that I was having more than one glass of wine with dinner and it wasn't making me feel great. With the wine came the feeling of sluggishness and restlessness. I found it more difficult to get to sleep and when I did, I was waking up the next morning feeling unenergized.

         When I arrived at Club Soda, I was amazed to see so many people at the event. The room was packed. I felt a little old as the average age was around 30, but it didn't matter. We were all just people who were curious to learn more about how to feel good without drinking.

         Ruby Warrington, the English founder of The Numinous, spoke with love and a beautiful accent about her personal experiences with alcohol. She shared how she woke up one day after having one too many drinks, and realized she just wasn't feeling good anymore. She asked herself, "Why am I drinking when the aftermath is so unpleasant? What's behind my curtain that I'm hiding? What do I not want to reveal?"

         Ruby wanted to open up the conversation about the shame and fear that surrounds why we choose to drink. She spoke passionately about how so many of us are looking for an escape, a way to numb the pain of loneliness and fear, or even to mask that feeling of not being worthy enough. She found that by opening up and sharing her truth about the deep pain that she felt, she would connect with other people. The conversation began and the community of Club Soda was formed as a safe space to share, open up, and connect with people who feel the same way. After telling us about her journey, she made us laugh when she said, "You don't have to give it up completely, you can be conscious and enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or a beautiful glass of champagne to toast a special occasion because it still tastes so good!"



         Biet Simkin was the next speaker for the evening. She was a very powerful woman originally from Russia, you could feel her strong roots. She spoke of her personal experiences with drug and alcohol abuse. She used the expression "I am limitless." It means to believe in yourself exactly as you are. She led us in one of the most powerful guided meditations I have ever experienced. She asked us to choose a partner, and I found mine when I looked to my left and introduced myself to the woman sitting next to me. The music that Biet created specifically for the meditation was beautiful and haunting at the same time. It completely resonated in my being. She had us look into our partner's eyes. Looking into someone's eyes for 10 minutes is very intimate and after I felt as if I had known my partner for a lifetime. Biet then asked us to choose someone who was in our lives, past or present, who we felt loved us unconditionally. I chose my grandfather who had passed. My Papa's presence and his love was in my heart, my being, and all around me. I was even suprised by my tearful, emotional release. This excercise and meditation left me feeling protected, safe, and loved.

         Biet helped us to connect to the internal feeling of love. When we feel loved for who we are, we love ourselves just as we are. There is not anything one cannot achieve, "I am limitless" became the mantra!

         It has now been 2 weeks since the event, and I have seen a difference in my own consciousness. When I consider having a glass of wine, I ask myself "Do I want this? How is it going to make me feel?" When we stop and really think about what we are drinking, what we are eating, what we are doing, and how we are thinking - our purpose, our lives, and our inner world become so much stronger and resilient by drawing on the strength of who we are.



          So the next time you are feeling low and want to have that extra drink, have a club soda. Connect to yourself in meditation and reach out to someone who is not going to judge you, someone who is going to love you just as you are. Life is so precious, we are precious. Let this new month of September be the beginning of a sobering and enlightening new version of yourself.

         Join the community of The Numinous and feel connected to a group of wonderful people wanting to share, give, and heal a part of something within. You can join their Facebook page and follow them at @The_Numinous and @Guidedbybiet for more information on upcoming events!




    Wait & See

         Back in December I was searching for new venues and opportunities to present my knowledge of color consciousness to companies. I have always found in my career that the best way to make connections is through genuine relationships.
         A few years back I met a wonderful woman by the name of Judith Graham. She was so gracious and hosted a lovely evening at her home with some of her dearest friends - introducing me as "the woman who knows color". She supported me and came to a few of my events, and I to hers, as the relationship developed.
         Back in December I had invited her to my home for lunch over a beautiful array of colors - salmon on fresh greens, yellow squash, and healthy red berries all laid out on a brightly decorated table. Judith said, with such warmth and love, "Wow, what a way to brighten up a cold winter day."
         Judith was so helpful and gave me many contacts, but there was one that really rang a bell for her, and that was her colleague at Make Up For Ever. She picked up the phone and made an immediate call to tell her all about what I do as she felt there would be a great synergy and collaboration between us. I was so excited, I sent a follow up email right away and was waiting for when I would hear back from this woman, because something told me that I would.


         Six months to the day that I met Judith, there was a lovely email in my inbox from the woman at Make Up For Ever. She asked me to meet her so that we could discuss the possibilities of me doing a presentation for her company. We met and there was an instant feeling of camaraderie. I recently received an invitation from her to present at Make Up For Ever in the early fall.  
         Sometimes things don't happen right away, sometimes things don't happen at all, but sometimes we just have to wait and see how the timing of life goes. The universe has its own mind, and it does things on its own time. If we relax a little and just wait and see, amazing things can come our way.


         Sometimes the waiting is painful, and the practice of patience & faith have to come into play, but what is meant to be will be. What are you waiting to see in your life?