• Handmade Love



    This week, I had the wonderful opportunity to lead a creative, beautiful, loving event at West Elm called Handmade Love. New friendships were made as women came together over the creation of loving cards to connect and share. Each and every person had a different voice they expressed through the colors they chose, texture, and type of medium.

    We are all creative beings! Sometimes, it's just a matter of setting aside time and space for our budding artist to come out and play.


  • So Many Doors

    We can never be sure what lies beyond a door, even one you open everyday. In my most recent article in LumiNation Magazine, I take a walk through the suburbs of Santa Fe and by many beautiful doors with only mysteries behind them.
    Enjoy the article here and discover what door you will be opening next...

    Wishing you all a day of colorful wishes,

    xo Betsy

  • Belly Dancing Under the Veil

    Pain has a way of asking you to pay attention to what truly needs help, and sometimes that help comes in the form of bellydancing. In my most recent LumiNation Magazine article, I share with you how a beautiful art form loosened up my body and got my energy flowing again.
    Enjoy the article here and join me under the veil...
    Wishing you all a day of colorful wishes,

    xo Betsy

  • My Date With Nuno


    A couple weeks ago I went on a creative date that really got my energy flowing. There was plenty of play, liveliness, and enjoyment that resulted in a beautiful creation. In my most recent LumiNation Magazine article, I take you through this exciting date with Nuno. 


    Enjoy the article here and maybe you'll go on a date with Nuno too... 

    Wishing you all a day of colorful wishes,

    xo Betsy

  • Color Cravings


    Color is everywhere, affecting our moods and emotions. Yet do we see it? Do we feel it? And even more curious to understand and feel, what colors are we missing, needing, desiring right now? The answers hold valuable insight into your mind, body and spirit...


    Enjoy the article here and learn about your color cravings. 

    Enjoy…. wishing you all a day of colorful wishes,

    Betsy XO