• Color: A Love Story


    It’s been a while since I have written. I’m excited to share some great news!

         A few weeks ago, my dear friend and colleague, Kelly A. Connor, announced she was starting a new online magazine called LumiNation. The magazine is about celebrating life, beauty, and love. The vision is to create a media outlet where the focus is on harmony and light, verses division and constant controversy. A place filled with sensuality, hope, inspiration, and humor.

         I was so excited when she asked me if I wanted to be part of it and write a column for the Beauty section. My immediate reaction was "YES!!!" I was psyched for the prospects of writing about new experiences of beauty, looking within to reveal new sensual passions of color, art, food and our senses.
         The Magazine’s tagline is "Life As Church.” I paused and thought about this for a second, as I am Jewish. I thought this might cause a few to raise an eyebrow or two! I quickly laughed to myself, remembering that the temple I had gone to on Shabbat for 23 years was in a converted church. It was one of the most beautiful places I had ever been. I remember having many discussions with Jewish people about what it meant to be inside of a church to pray. Most said, “It's a beautiful space and I’m here to connect to something, whether that be God, others, or myself.” Church was a metaphor for the unity of love and connecting us all. 
         There’s a saying “Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.” Well, the magazine is dedicated to exactly that. The intent behind LumiNation Magazine is to shine light on and celebrate the beauty, spirituality and divinity in and of everyday life and living. I'm happy to be a part of something that aims to touch many people in a positive way as it grows.
         I’m thrilled about this magazine and I hope you will enjoy all the new beauty posts coming your way. My first column is called Color: A Love Story.

    Enjoy…. wishing you all a day of colorful wishes,

    Betsy XO 

  • The Yellow Connection


    Four years ago, I was sitting in the audience at Bobbie Horowitz's debut of Broadway tunes. A lovely woman asked if she could sit in the seat next to me. I said, "Sure, please sit down!" I was so taken by her powerfully bright and wonderful yellow scarf, and it opened up a conversation.

    After I introduced myself and what I do as a Color Coach, I told her about the color theory behind yellow. She was fascinated to hear what her yellow scarf represented. She introduced herself and told me that she was from Alaska. I was so excited as I have never met anyone from Alaska before. A connection was formed instantly. Over the years, she has come to visit me a few times in New York. We share a warm bond as we're both artists and love connecting over our crafts.

    She recently came to stay with me again this past week. I was so excited to see her and I greeted her as my "Yellow Connection". She is optimistic, warm, and radiates sunlight - she is the embodiment of yellow! She handed me the most beautiful, hand-dyed rainbow scarf. The colors are so vivid that you can feel the emotions as soon as you set your eyes on it. Such a beautiful gift made me feel connected, loved, and cherished. It is now my new favorite scarf.

    I truly value our friendship and the connection that was formed through color. It's so nice to know people from all parts of the world. 


    Do you have friends that you share a color connection with?



  • Vino Levantino - the hottest new restaurant in Manhattan's UWS!

         Tucked away on 94th between Broadway and Amsterdam there's a jewel in the city. The warm ocher and red tones make for a very warm and romantic setting. The owner, Haim Amit, has a passion for wine, Mediterranean food, and connecting good people together. His restaurant, Vino Levantino, gets its name from "the Levant", which is the east area of the Mediterranean that includes Israel, Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey. "Levant" means to rise in French, reflecting the rising of the sun in the East, where his flavors and heritage come from. He brings with him pride for his country and a delicious combination of flavors, textures, and the cultures of the Mediterranean, specifically Turkey and Israel.



         He shared with me that his grandmother and mother have been huge influences in his life, and in his restaurant. The recipes that he uses have been passed down from generation to generation and you can feel the soul that comes from the dishes.

         What brought me to write about Vino Levantino were the colors that keep drawing me in each and every time. The ambiance features warm, sensual reds, oranges and yellows, and the dishes have their own richness and depth in their hues. The presentation of the plates play with color in a way that evokes passion, sensuality, and wets your appetite for more! I especially enjoyed hearing about his passions for wines, as we discussed the depth and color that good wine has. 



         I have been there a numerous amount of times now, with various people, and I can't wait to go back for more!  A couple of my favorite dishes are the homemade hummus with warm pita and the eggplant & feta burekas - which melt in your mouth. I'm looking forward to finding more favorites!

         When I sat down to interview Haim about his restaurant and why he started it, he shared with me his passions of wine, food, and bringing people together. He told that me his restaurant has even now become a date destination. There's one couple who met on tinder who had their first date there, and now they come every Wednesday all the way from the Upper East Side to share a romantic meal.




         What I loved most about Haim's restaurant Vino Levantino is that it has the perfect blend, of roots, flavors, colors, and true soul.


    Vino Levantino

    210 West 94th Street

    New York, NY 10025

    (212) 280 3333