90 minute session for 3-5 people via Zoom.


The group will be guided through interactive activities in a safe space. Diving into where their hearts are currently.


You will receive group exercises and a guided meditation that will help you create a positive work environment, as well as a strong, efficient, and motivated team.



Group Color Coaching

90 minute workshop

Perfect for schools, universities, businesses, or small groups

Participants will learn to use color to empower, motivate, and communicate their truest selves.



Motivational Workshops

60 Minute session virtually via Zoom.


Personalized assessment of your current situation

Betsy will guide you through a color healing process of self empowerment, guided meditation, and a customized plan to move toward your highest state of being.


You will discover what colors calm your energy, reduce your stress levels, and create a positive impact on your emotional and physical being. 






Individualized Color Coaching

Style With Color

Personalized 2-hour style consultation!


Learn how trading in your dark clothes for a breath of color will help you to express the true color inside.