Style With Color

Your choice of a 2-hour style consultation or shopping excursion! Learn how trading in your dark clothes for a breath of color will help you to express the true color inside. There is also the opportuity to combine both the consultation and shopping excursion for a Spa Day of Color. Spa Day of Color includes both a consultation and a transformation of your wardrobe and home to reflect the colors inside of you. 


$250.00 for Consultation or Shopping Excursion

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$450.00 for Spa Day of Color

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A 90 minute session for 2-5 people where you will have a guided group discussion to exchange and express your feelings, your concerns, and your ideas to each other in a safe and neutral space. You will receive a group exercise to discover what colors create balance in your group, concluding with a guided meditation to bring serenity to your relationship. 



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Group Color Coaching

A 3 hour workshop (for schools, corporations, and small businesses) where you will learn how to empower, motivate, and communicate as an individual and as a group. You will receive group exercises and a guided meditation that will help you create a positive work environment, as well as a strong, efficient, and motivated team.


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Motivational Workshop

A 60 Minute session in an intimate safe space where you will go through a color healing process of self empowerment, guided meditation, and conversation with Betsy Karp, The Color Coach. You will discover what colors calm your energy, reduce your stress levels, and create a positive impact on your emotional and physical being. 



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Special 3 Session Bundle for $500.00

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Personal Color Coaching

Color Coaching